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  3. Hey.  If you say that you are a Manson fan and also that your favorite song is Sweet Dreams, guess what?  You are a Manson fan, and your favorite song is Sweet Dreams. 


  4. alyssa-loves-marilyn said: Trent, what was it like living in the Sharon Tate house?



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    I remember.  I met so many awesome people that day.  =]

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  7. Anonymous said: I don't mean to be rude but I just read your ask where someone wrote something about being a young Manson fan at the age of 16. In my opinion 16 isn't even that young. I've read and heard about people who been introduced to MM when they're small kids like 2-4 years old and most people I know started listen to MM at the age of 10-12 years old so being 16 isn't really "a young" Manson fan. Sure, you probably don't understand how serious the music are at the age of 10 but still.

    Hello anon!  The ask actually said ‘16 or even younger’, so I think that covers it, really.  I think the amount of asks I get related to age and musical taste just goes to show there is no age limit for love of Manson.  

    I do understand how serious the music is at the age of 10, though. I didn’t wake up at age 30 and discover my dark obsession with it.  =]  I started listening to earthy, dark chord structures and lyrics when I was 6, several years after The Animals sang House of the Rising Sun.  I found the 45 rpm single in my older brother’s bedroom and was taken by the title.  I listened to it repeatedly on my little shitty record player until the needle wouldn’t play it anymore.  I would get chills listening to it, over and over.  My brother (god rest him) was overjoyed at my choice in music and would send me reel-to-reel recordings of my favorite songs so it would be easier to sit on the floor with the headphones on for hours, rewinding and repeating.  It was the beginning of a long love affair, and the main reason why my hearing is shot now.  Music was the only thing that kept me going, even back then.  Music never lets you down.  It is the one singular constant force in my life, and I daresay it will be until I am too insane with dementia to realize what I am listening to anymore.  

    And anon..you aren’t rude at all.  I am always happy to see someone sharing their thoughts, when they are passionate about something they love.  Thank you for coming in and giving me time to pleasantly reminisce.  

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  8. Anonymous said: Alrighty, well I was 14 when I fell in love with Manson and his music, and ten introduced two of my friends two him when they were 13, I'm the oldest. So hell yeah.

    We are in agreement, anon.  I wish Manson was around when I was 13-14.  All I had back then was David Bowie and Alice Cooper.  Oh, the glam rock movement back then was fun!  =]

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  9. Anonymous said: Do you know the song Climbing Up the Walls by Radiohead? It's very horror-esque and creepy and I'd recommend it.

    I will put it on my list of things to do this evening, anon.  Thank you!

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  10. Anonymous said: Hello momma! What do you think about really young kids like 16 or even younger being manson fans? You've been a manson fan for years how do you see it? Have a nice day!

    Hello anon!  I think that finding a love for Manson when one is young shows intelligence and depth of character, and I wholeheartedly approve.  =]

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    we all have that one Manson picture we hate

    the one with the rose in his mouth. fuck that picture and that rose in particular.



  12. Anonymous said: Gidget Gein appeared to me in the kitchen. I just saw a ghost!!

    So, you ran to send me an anonymous message on Tumblr?  Oh, you are the funny one tonight, anon!  But I still love you anyway!  =]

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  13. Anonymous said: Momma Manson I think you have to step in, the kids are up past their bedtime

    They are indeed, yes.  I think they will probably settle after they work out whatever is making them so angsty and frustrated about Manson’s later works.  

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  14. akissofhorror said: Do you have a gif of Manson on letterman (grotesque era) when he kinda licks/try's to keep his grill on while smiling!? I've been looking for one and I just love it sooo much. Thanks 😊

    I know the one you are talking about, but I don’t have it.  I am sure someone who is reading this might know where it can be found, though.  =]

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